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On Norway’s west coast, in a care home, the elderly residents talk about meeting ‘on the glacier’. Not everyone knows that what they really mean is meeting up in front of one of Karina Siegmund’s majestic installations, which is set up in the home’s grand auditorium.
This spectacular piece of craftsmanship consists of a bright blue tapestry, digitally handwoven to capture the solitary view from inside Jostedalsbreen, one of Norway’s most magnificent glaciers.
With a length of almost two metres, captivated spectators can truly dive into the weave’s ice-blue colours. The Glacier represents the experience the artist had when she rappelled down into one of the narrow cracks of this ancient natural phenomenon.

Karina Siegmund’s studios are situated in beautiful Stadlandet, a surfer’s paradise at the western verge of the Norwegian mainland. This is where the busy artist, designer and weaver finds time
and inspiration to work. She combines the traditional art of weaving with modern audio-visual media to make breathtakingly realistic installations of nature, weather and the elements. “The way that nature changes depending on the weather and the season is incredibly inspiring,” Siegmund smiles. “You never have the same experience twice.” By going out into the wild to film, record and explore her surroundings, she collects numerous pictures and sounds to use in her art. Often, a still from her footage provides the pattern for an intricate weave, onto which she projects the same moving motif. In her renowned installation, The Mountain, you can see the clouds move in real time above the snow-covered peak beautifully set out on the tapestry.

Materials have always been important to Karina Siegmund’s artistry and she is known for her innovative and often experimental way of creating uniquely complex tapestries. “In The Mountain I used a flattened synthetic thread that reflects light rays to represent the shimmering ice crystals in the snow,” she explains. In 2012, she received the Talente Award for Best International Textile Art for emerging artists under the age of 33. // text by Scan Magazine, Special Theme, Highlight of Norway´s Art Scene, December 2015



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